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Laser Facial

Quanta IPL systems gives your photo aged or sun damaged skin young fresh and wrinkle free blemish free glowing skin look for much longer time than any other facial or cream can.

IPL is a Intense Pulse Light that remodels and regenerates collagen which is below your upper layer of skin,results in reduction in skin wrinkles by making your skin tighter and your face looks smoother and younger.The pigmented Age spots, lentigines, dark circles,and visible smalls veins,certain scars, large pores, redness, skin roughness,unwanted hairs are also taken care of by this Intense Light so your face looks blemish free and glowing.


Which part of the body can be photo rejuvenated?

Generally face, neck, upper breast,hands & back portion is very popular but any part of the body can be treated for reducing wrinkles and age spots.


How many sittings are required?

Usually the effect starts after first sitting but 3-6 sittings give satisfactory results. The time between 2 sessions is 3 weeks.


Is it painful? What time does it take?

Mild feeling of rubber band snapping and heat sensation is all that you may feel during treatment, that to this is momentary. The Laser Facial takes only 15 minutes.


What is the recovery time?

There is virtually no downtime, one starts regular activity immediately after.


After Care

Usually sun exposure avoided by use of Sunscreen cream with more than 30 SPF for a few weeks.


Important Facts About Cosmetic Surgery .

Pleasant Appearance gives confident look & personality which opens many avenues & opportunities.
Increasing awareness, demands of this competitive arena to have better look & increasing desire for self improvement in this global interaction have put cosmetic surgeries demands all time high
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