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Skin Care Program .

What cana Skin Care Program accomplish?

Skin care is something that is so important to every person, yet it is the one routine that is easily put aside. The changes that proper skin care can accomplish in a person’s skin are noticeable, worthwhile and sometimes even lasting. When you engage in a proper skin care program you will notice improved texture of your skin as well as smaller pores, less noticeable discoloration, a brighter complexion, smoother rough areas and most importantly to many – reduction in fine wrinkles. It needs to be kept in mind though that skin care will not tighten loose skin, nor will it reduce dynamic wrinkles (those due to smiling,laughing, and other facial expression).


Balanced Skin Care Programs

A balanced skin care program is initiated and monitored by a nurse or skin care technician who will evaluate your skin and outline a program suited to your needs. A comprehensive skin care program will be geared toward four goals:exfoliation, stimulation, medication and protection.

Each ofthe four goals will be achieved through daily or twice daily home application of cleansers, alphahydroxy acids, Retin-A, bleaching agents, sunscreen, and moisturizers. The frequency of application and concentration of these agents can be increased as your skin becomes accustomed to them. If you notice that your skin reacts with redness or rash, your program will be tailored appropriately. Many people also choose (though not required) to incorporate Micro Peels into their Skin Care Program.


The Goals of Skin Care

Exfoliation: Cleansers remove dead skin cells, allowing other agents can penetrate

Stimulation: AHAs and Retin-A enhance new skin growth and turnover

Medication: Bleaching agents treat or prevent discoloration for those at risk

Protection: Moisturizers and sunscreen protect your skin from further damage


Skin Care Products

Mild cleansers

You will begin skin care each day with a mild cleanser, which lifts off dead superficial skin cells. This process of exfoliation facilitates penetration of stimulants such as alphahydroxy acid and retin-A.


Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs)

Alphahydroxy acids are naturally occurring fruit acids which stimulate growth and turnover of skin cells. The most commonly used AHA is glycolic acid. AHAs work by thickening the deep layers of your skin, resulting in improved skin texture,complexion, smoothness, and appearance. The effects of AHAs are enhanced by concurrent use of retin-A.



Retin-A is short for retinoic acid, also called tretinoin. Retin-A stimulates circulation to your skin and facilitates skin cell growth and turnover. It thickens the deep layers of your skin, leading to a brighter, healthier complexion with smoother texture.


Bleaching agents

Bleaching agents, such ashydroquinone, can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of blotchy, discolored skin. Bleaching agents do not actually bleach skin, but they can improve or prevent dark discoloration by suppressing activity of pigment producing cells.



Moisturizers will keep your skin healthy and soft while your superficial, unhealthy skin layers are shed. They will also help you tolerate the drying effects of retin-A.



Sunscreen is essential for the success of a balanced skin care program for two reasons.Your skin care program should heighten your awareness of the damaging effects of the sun and should make you eager to protect yourself from further damage.


Recovery and duration of the results

Skin care requires no recovery time. You may apply makeup immediately following application of your skin care products. Skin care will maintain your skin vitality and smoothness as long as you use the products regularly. If you stop using them, expect your skin to return to baseline within three to six months.



The program is affordable.  A good skin care program is available through any plastic surgeon’s office.


Concluding thoughts on Skin Care

Because of its simplicity, effectiveness, safety, low cost, and advantage of home application, satisfaction is immense. Every woman should participate in a physician supervised skin care program. The improvements in skin appearance are reliable, and the cost is affordable.

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