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Penile Lengthening & Thickening Penile Lengthening & Thickening

Advancement in Plastic Surgical technique & technology have influencedother fields such as psychology, sexology & Urology to some extent.
Penile elongation evokes an up roar of emotions from professional to lay personalike.

The theme of penis size has been s source of anxiety among man through outhistory.

Aesthetic  surgery is always to make lifelively.  Sex is 80% psychology.

Plastic surgeon is psychiatrist with scalpel. When we augment Penis (in aperson who desire), we augment psychology.

“Unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we can notgrow.” - Benjamin Franklin

Why Penile enhancement?

Although size of the penis is less important during sexual inter course,Person’s image is at stake at changing room, Gym, Swimming pool or at beach inswimming Suit.

Surgical enhancement of the penis has been compared to breast enlargementbecause later also has no beneficial purpose other than aesthetics.

Safe elongation Surgical procedures have low complication rate, undiminishederectile capacity or penile sensation after Surgery.  


Where there is possible self image problem “ due to socio – psychologicallyunacceptable penis size.”
 The sexual self image of these men isbeing altered by the penile enhancement surgery.

Condition called ‘ Inadequate Personality’ related to penis size  though it may be normal.

Myth and Facts about Penile Lengthening.

Indian Sadhus and Peruvians cholomecs used
(1) weight as tissue expander to attain length of 12 to 18 inches but penis was

not usable -only aesthetic.

(2) Dayaks of Borneo (Taladaj & Talalaj 1994) mutilated the penis forpartner pleasure. They would stick needles through their glans and leave thereuntil hole is formed. The next step was to find item to stick the holes thatstimulate his partner.

(3) Topianama of Brazil (Taladaj & Talalaj 1994) in sixteenth century wouldsignificantly enlarge their penis by encouraging poisonous snake to bite theirpenis. They were in pain for six months but men felt this pain was worth thesacrifice, at the end of six months the men had a monstrous size penis thatdelighted their women.


According to A descriptive Dictionary & Atlas of Sexology, the human penisin flaccid stage is 3 to 4 inches in length and1 inch in diameter. In erectstage, penis is 5” to 7” in length & 1.5 inch in diameter.

Important Anatomy for penile elongation’s
1) Suspensory ligament
2) Corporal Cavernous
3) Suprapubic Fat.

Suspensory ligament of penis is a thick triangular band extending from lineaalba, pubic symphysis & arcuate ligament to the dorsal midline of penis. Itderives from outer investing portion of abdomen & divide in to sling at thejunction of fixed & mobile portion of the penis, restricting excursion alsoknown as fundiform ligament .Release of this ligament will give inferiordisplacement of the penis. 


Parts of Penis




Other types of penis are

- Concealed penis: To find cause is imperative but generally it is  inconspicuous penis  due to overlying fold ofabdominal fat & skin.

- Buried penis: Shaft buried below the prepubic skin
– can be due to Congenital dysgenetic dortos band ,
-radical circumcision.

Buries penis has normal corporal length. It can be treated by Z plasty,
WG  or conventional elongation.

Micropenis is small size more than two standard of mean size.

penile Elongation and thickening are two separate procedure. They  should be done preferably at three to sixmonth interval.

Inverted V – Y Plasty.
Not preferred since
1) It create bed scar.
2) Proximal slide skin is hair bearing.

Pre-op Consultation

Important to explain that-
1) Only resting length will increase.

2) Post op stretching for 3 to 4 months is important.
Keeping  weight hanging helps more.

3) Erection angle will reduce but dose not reduce sexual capacity &pleasure.


1) Suprapubic  lipectomy- suspensoryligament release – tacking proximal most cavernous to penoscrotal junction.
There are no medication that can increase the length of adult penis. The onlyway to obtain long penis is by surgery. This surgery dose not involve corporacavernous and is there fore harmless as regards to erection.

2) Penile prosthesis – lengthening should be done only in impotent or peniswith no erectile function.

Pit falls:

- Should not be done in psychologically unstable    

- Post-op follow-ups are often time Consuming.


Carry Home message

- Penile lengthening is on increasing demand & is challenging.

- Honest consultation with correct manuscript help choosing right 

- A man with normal penis may still be a candidate for penile 
  enhancement, just as   woman with normal breast size is considered
  for breast enlargement.

- Suprapubic fat is more loculated than Abdominal fat so Liposuction is
  not as effective as open Lipectomy.      

Important Facts About Cosmetic Surgery .

Pleasant Appearance gives confident look & personality which opens many avenues & opportunities.
Increasing awareness, demands of this competitive arena to have better look & increasing desire for self improvement in this global interaction have put cosmetic surgeries demands all time high
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