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Presence of discoloration of face skin & wrinkles on face can affect individual’s body image & self esteem. Desire to have better look is universal phenomena. Skin is the most dynamic growing organ upper most layer ofskin daily falls off due to growing new cells on deeper layer chemical peeling increases this process replacing upper skin layers by new layers and give more fresh and gloving appearance. Chemical agents are used for destruction of superficial layers of skin in well defined way. This can be superficial, medium depth or deep layer peel. Depth of peeling is decided by doctor & patient together depending on


(1) Color – Complexion of skin 

(2) Condition e.g.Melasma, Wrinkles etc for which peeling is done 

(3) Duration for which patientcan abstain her / him self from sun rays & remain with hypo pigmented face.


Normally repeatedly done superficial peeling is preferred. Chemical agents used depend upon surgeon’s choice according to patient’s condition.Superficial peeling can be done as often as once a week & medium depth peel every 3 to 6 months. Duration of redness of area will be 2 to 3 days. In medium depth peeling, duration of redness will be 5 to 7 days & in deep peel 10 to 12 days.


Procedure: -  

Skin to be peeled (may be face, hand, neck – back) is prepared (Primed)by cream [of retinoic acid, AHA product hydroquinone etc] to reduce healing time & reduce complications.       [allow more uniform penetration of chemical agent & decrease risk & post inflammatory hyper pigmentation] for few days before, 2 to 6 weeks, Test patchis done behind the ear to know response of skin to chemical agent. Anesthesia is not necessary in superficial peel but brisk duration of discomfort will be there. In medium depth peeling, analgesic – sedation & some time nerve block is given what patient should knowing.

      Patients should avoid facial waxing ordepilatory in recent pass.

Patients shall have benefit of tight skin with more glow with reduced wrinkles. This effect will last from 3 months to 2 years depending upon depth of peel & Sun exposure.

There will be small unpleasant post operative period with redness of area.

Patients should be peaceful stress free.

Post peel care includes.

·        Immediate Ice pack application.

·        Application of Neosporin Ointment till complete healing.

·        Avoid sunexposure.

·        Application of prescribed creams & Sun screen agents.

·        Antibiotics, Vit. etc.

Patients should come for peeling without any make up & loose comfortable clothing & Contact lens removed.

Fair skin people do better with this procedure. Complications if properly carried out here rare and includes –hyperor hypo pigmentation, prolonged recovery time scarring or infection. 

Always tell Doctor about 1, any medicines if you are taking. 2, any viral infection or Herpes zoster in past. 3, any surgery of head – neck done. 4,Electrolysis or Laser surgery is done. 5, any medical disease. 6, Allergy to any drug.

Dermatologic  surgeons  have been  using  peeling agents  for  the last  50  years. Light peels  to  correct mild  defects, medium-depth  peels to  correct  moderate defects, and  deep  peels to  correct  severe defects  can  be used  over  the entire  face  and neck  area  uniformly or  in  combining light, medium-depth, and  deep  peels  on the  same  face to  correct  different skin  problems. Today  with rejuvenation  of  the skin  and  reversal of  the  aging process  paramount  in the  minds  of many, chemical  peeling  has emerged  as  an exciting  supplement  to a  total  skin care  program.


                 Most  chemical peels  today  are supplemented  by  the peeling  effects  of creams  such  as retinoic  acid (Retin-A  or RENOVA)  on  a daily  basis, which  give a  constant  turn over of  the  top layers  of  the skin, further  improving  the integrity. 5-Fluorouracil  cream  can also  be  used in  a  limited fashion  to  eradicate superficial  sun  damage.



What chemical peels can do ?

1                      Correct  Sun Damaged (Actinic  Degeneration)

2                      Flatten  Mild Scarring

3                      Remove  Rhytides (Wrinkles)

4                      Improve  Irregular Hyper 

5                      Chloasma Following Pregnancy

6                      Freckle


           The  mild and  moderate  peels are  called  freshening peels  because  they improve  the  quality of  the  skin without  altering  its normal  architecture. The  ability of  the  skin to  tan  again and  return   to the  same  color  after  peeling or  sunlight  exposure is  unchanged.

          With  deeper peels  usually   involving phenol, the  color of  the skin  is  lighter after  peeling  and may  not  ever tan  again; instead  it may  freckle.


What Chemical Peels Can not Do?

1                      Chemical  peels can not change  pore size, if  anything, they  might increase  pore size temporarily.

2                      Chemical  peels can not improve  lax skin; removal  of  fine wrinkling  and  cross-hatching  may not make  any difference  if there is  profound  lax skin that  needs a  face-lift.

3                      Chemical peels can not improve deep scarring. Dermabrasion, the  laser, punch grafting,  punch elevation, or excision  of  scarring is much  more effective.

4                      Chemical  peels can not always  totally remove  hyper pigmentation  in dark-skinned  whites, Asians, or  blacks and may  not  be indicated.

5                      Chemical peels can not remove broken blood vessels on the face.

Important Facts About Cosmetic Surgery .

Pleasant Appearance gives confident look & personality which opens many avenues & opportunities.
Increasing awareness, demands of this competitive arena to have better look & increasing desire for self improvement in this global interaction have put cosmetic surgeries demands all time high
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