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Liposuction, Fat Injection and Tummy Tuck .

Obesity is 20% more weight to your ideal body weight. Fat accumulates when calories intake exceeds expenditure. Following pregnancy, fat accumulation takes place abdominal wall stretch causing striae. Fat accumulation  result  in undesirable  abdominal  shape &  change  in quality  of  skin causing  cellulite  and dimpling.

Liposuction  is surgical  aspiration [removal] of  subcutaneous  fat [fat under the skin] by use  of  cannula attached  to  a  vacuum  pump.

Liposuction  has become  an  extremely popular  procedure  in today’s  body – conscious  society.

Liposuction is not substitute for healthy lifestyle. It is not offered as a treatment for obesity.It is to remove genetically distributed or diet resistant fat.  Diet, exercise  & life  style  programmed are  very  important as  advised  by consultant  &  dietician. Surgery  should not  be  the first  step  in enhancing  body  contouring because  it  is likely  to  lead to  failure  or only  temporary  improvement. Liposuction can be done in thighs, buttocks, calf, arm, face, neck etc also.


Person  should understand  that if  major  weight gained  after  surgery the  contour  result could  change  from the  expected  post-operative appearance.

Good skin tone  and  dermal quality  are  required for  shrinkage  after liposuction. In case of loose sagging skin with folds, Dermolipectomy – Abdominoplasty is required.

Aesthetic  goal of  an  abdominoplasty  are to  improve  contour of  abdominal  wall, to minimize  scarring, avoiding[excising] saggy  extra  skin &  to  maintain naturally  appearing  umbilicus. It also  helps  to strengthen  abdominal  wall muscles  &  prevent or  correct  hernias.

Normal  Abdominal shape  has  different fat  distribution  & abdominal  shape  in male  &  female.

In  female – Hourglass  shape, narrow  at waist  &  wider at  hip, Ideally  the female  waist  to  hip  ratio is  0.72. Small fullness above pubis is scaphoid [boat shape] above it. Umbilicus  in center  between  xiphoid &  pubis  at ant  superior  iliac crest  with  slight depression  around.

Fat  tends to  accumulate  in lower  trunks, hips, thighs  & buttocks  give  pear shape.

Male  Abdominal Shape  is  becoming narrower  with  descent from  chest  to hip  in  V shape

Fat  accumulation tends  to  occur Circumstantially  around  the abdomen  &  flanks. It increases abdominal girth. [Apple shape].

Well  shaped abdomen  is  attractive because  it  reflects good  health  & sexual  fitness  with increased  waist  circumference, there  is increased  risk  of diabetes, hypertension  &  cardiac risk.

Woman  with larger  breast  & narrower  waist  have shown  higher  level of  hormone  of conception. Smaller waist to hip ratio is more attractive & healthy.

Abdominal  shape deformity  is  result of  sequel  of significant  weight  fluctuation and  after  bariatric surgery  in  the form  of  excessive skin  with  umbilical ptosis.


Liposuction :- liposuction is  done  in skin  with  good elasticity  without  sagging of  umbilicus  & folds. Small  quantity  liposuction for  localized  area, Cellulite  & bumps  can  be done under Local Anesthesia  where risk  involved  is almost  nil.   Large volume  liposuction  is done under  general  anesthesia have  risk  similar to  any  surgical procedure. Time limit kept is 4 to 6 hrs for one surgery. Additional fat removed after 3 months. Larger the volume aspirated, more is the risk. Fat  removed more  than  5 liters  is  considered large  volume  liposuction. This  is not  weight  reducing in  stead,  body contouring  surgery, despite  corresponding weight  loss  takes place.

Return  to work  depends  upon many  factors, the  person’s profession, person's  general  health,  physical  &  emotional recovery  &   desire  to  return to  work. After  an  average  volume liposuction [2-4 liters],  patient can  return  to physically non demanding work  with  in 24 hours.   small  volume  [less than  2 liters]  can return  to  work on same day.some amount of liquid fat may drain from slit made for procedure in pad put under pressure garment.


Important  to note :- One should   plan  recovery time for some rest for    lot of  early  swelling  in mega-liposuction otherwise recovery  time is  prolonged.

Patient will experience red –yellow tinged, discharge from incision site for 24 to 36 hrs. Maximum swelling can be expected on day 3 & 5.

one must were required pressure garment to give uniformity and to prevent accumulation  of undrained liquid fat. It helps prevent future recollection of fat.

If the one has bruising, will spontaneously resolve in 7 to 10 days.

Patient  should massage  liposuctioned  area after  2  weeks for  resolution  of oedema. 80% oedema  resolve  with in  4 to 6  weeks &  takes  full  3to 4  months.

Patient  can start  ambulate  on same  day, After  major liposuction, pt  may  feel fatigue  for  few days.

Despite  best efforts  surface  contour abnormality,  asymmetry  & under  resection  are  some  time observed  post  operatively which  may  require secondary  procedures.

Person  under going  procedure  should get  realistic  idea about  expected  outcome as  well  as time  frame  for resolution  of  problems.


Dermolipectomy – Abdominolplasty  is  done when  there  is fat  accumulation  with reduced  skin  elasticity, sagging  of umbilicus  &  lower abdominal  skin. Body  lift surgery  is  also done  in  severe cases  &  post bariatric  surgery  skin laxity.

Here excess skin and fat is removed along with umbillical reposition in youthful manner.Lower abdominal weak muscles are also strengthened.over the experience of years we have found that there is no new collection of fat here.In post-barriatric surgery weight loss, tummy tuck and body lift etc.prevents  recurrence of obesity and weight gain.

Before Operation:-

1] Abstain from tobacco – smoking for 4 weeks before surgery.

2] Avoid aspirin, vit c, large dose of  garlicly  fish oil, gingko, ginger, ginseng &   Contraceptive pills 2 weeks before surgery.   

3] Treat bacterial/fungal infection in skin folds.

4] pre-operatively, shampoo hairs 3days consecutively

5] Tab vit A and anxiolytic given pre-operatively.



After operation:-

1] Pt must avoid straining for six weeks.

2] Drain may remain from 2days to one week.

3] Discomfort & bruising for 2 weeks.

4] Feeling of fatigue for 3to 10 days.

5] Skin swelling totally reduces by 3 months.

6] Lower  abdomen will  be  number for  1  to 3  months.

7] Scar fade over time of 6 to 12 months.

8] Abdominal  binder &  pressure  garment for  1  to 3  months.


Operation is individualized for each person differently.

This surgery is repeatable at 4 to 6 months interval.

Risk involved with any major surgery's here also. Other risk can be infection seroma, dehiscence, skin loss,hypertrophic  scar. There  is limitation  to  surgery because  of  bone structure, intra – abdominal fat  and  existing scar.


Surgery is not advisable in following conditions.

  • When there is increase operative health risk.

  • Patient has unrealistic expectations.

  • Smoking & tobacco has to be discontinued.

  • Future planned pregnancy – though many women have successfully undergone following surgery.


Effect of  this  surgery last  very  long even   life  long if  major  weight fluctuation  are  avoided

Fat  removed by  liposuction  can  be  used to  enhance  appearance on  face  & fill  up  other depressions  &  fold in  body  as filler  material. 

Important Facts About Cosmetic Surgery .

Pleasant Appearance gives confident look & personality which opens many avenues & opportunities.
Increasing awareness, demands of this competitive arena to have better look & increasing desire for self improvement in this global interaction have put cosmetic surgeries demands all time high
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